When did the Last Days of the Jewish system of things start ?

but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. – Hebrews 1:2 (NIV)


1914 ,is a very important date for the Watchtower Society .Over the course of 120 years they have preached in an unpresidented scale around the globe that Jesus “Second Presence” started back in 1914 .That year marked the beginning of the “last days” of this system of things with the breakout of the First World War .One of the main lines of reasoning behind this assumption is that the events that marked Jesus’ first presence set a president of what was to happen on his Second Return.

For this reason  it is of paramount importance to reconsider when the last days of the Jewish system of things started and what events initiated that period as a way to determine when the last days will start in our time and if indeed the year 1914 is the beginning of the last days.

The first time we come across this term is after Jesus’ resurrection  in Acts 2:17 .That was on Pentecost 33 C.E. when 120 Christians received the anointing of the holy spirit .That was not an in-group experience ,no, it was a manifestation of supernatural powers evident to bystanders for full observation .For this reason thousands gathered outside the house .where the disciples had been meeting together ,only to find unlettered men speaking in different languages !

Peter addressed the crowd with these words :

acts 2 quote

The outpouring of the holy spirit upon the disciple not only was prophesied in advance but it was meant to be a sign of the “last days” .So did the last days start on that day ? Please read Peter’s words again ,hes said “and in the last days” not at the beginning of them .This is in accord with the rest of the Bible .In facts few decades later Paul offered an indirect identifier of when these days started . Addressing the Hebrew congregation in his letter to the Hebrews ,Paul opened his letter with the following words:

hebrews quote

Paul used here the same Greek expression for the last days (=eschatais hemerais) as Peter had done few decades earlier but the significance of this verse is that it associates Jesus speaking to them (=Jews of Jesus’ days) with that specific period of time .The question then arises : When did Jehovah started speaking to the Jews through his Son ? There is only one official date in mind and that is the day that Jesus presented himself for baptism in 29 C.E. In other words the last days of the Jewish system of things started in 29 C.E.  

This date is also verified from other prophesies as a significant day .When we consider the prophesy of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9:25 ,we fin out that the Messiah was to appear 49 weeks of years  “from the going forth of the word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem.” A careful consideration of this prophesy shows that Jesus was to present himself for baptism in 29 C.E.

Daniel 9_25

These events are not mere history .The sequence of events that initiated the “last days” of the Jewish system of things are parallel to the events that will initiate the “last days” of this system of things .The following post will consider how these events will soon take place and why 1914 and 1919 are false and inaccurate .To be continued…






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