What voice spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting according to Numbers 7:89 ?

Whenever Moses went into the tent of meeting to speak with God, he would hear the voice conversing with him from above the cover  of the ark of the Testimony, from between the two cherubs; and God would speak to him. – Numbers 7:89

This passage serves as a reminder for the fact that when the Israelites had done their part, God was not wanting in the performance of his part and promise. It also sheds unique light in the manner how God communicated with Moses. It was not by some impression upon his mind in a vision, or by displaying into his mind through dreams ,no, God’s voice was a clear distinct voice coming out of the lead of the Tabernacle or mercy-seat as mostly commonly known. On the other Moses saw no image or resemblance of a person.

This verse then helps us to understand other passages where Jehovah is heard speaking from “from above the cover” ,(Exodus 25:22; Leviticus 1:1,) and his calling to particular members of the congregation of Israel, Numbers 12:4-5.   This particular verse serves also as the fulfilment of the promise Jehovah made earlier in Exodus 25:20-22 ,that as an immediate response on Jehovah’s part for the cheerful readiness with which the tribes had made their offerings, and supplied everything required for the Holy place and its service, God was to appear amongst them. All being now complete as God had appointed, and the camp purified from defilements, God meets Moses the mediator of the people, not as before on the top of Mount Sinai far away, but in their midst, in the dwelling-place which He promised to occupy from now on ,the Holy of Holies .

Jehovah spoke to Moses in the Tent of Meeting


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