The letter that proves the sell off Kingdom Halls in Britain

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We finally have the letter that was read out to all congregations in Britain and have highlighted the points that show the Watchtower’s plans to sell off and consolidate congregations in the next 5 years :



What do they mean :

  1. “Although maintenance is paid for using congregation funds, there is no longer any need for funds to be held by congregations for construction, renovation or land purchase.” So far many congregations had build a Kingdom Hall construction and refurbishment fund .That was held by the society as a loan .There is no need for that anymore and no pretext .The congregations don’t need these funds anymore .Do you think the Society will return any of these funds back to the congregations ? Don’t hold your breath .The new “Kingdom Hall construction and  building”  is only a trojan horse and an excuse to syphon all these funds into their accounts.
  2. “The time scale to catch up with the back log of over 4 hundred Kingdom Hall projects is estimated to be 5 years.” Great way to delay promised refurbishments up to 5 years and at the same time a new way to pressurize congregations to build new Kingdom Halls.
  3. “now there is only one mid-week congregation meeting during the visit of the circuit overseer, it is possible that Kingdom Halls can be used by 4 congregations.” This is a pretext to prepare congregations for consolidations while their “new” Kingdom Hall is being build .Why the need for 4 congregations to meet in one place if that is not something they plan to use for a long time .
  4. “the Branch office has been directed to consider whether meeting places could be consolidated so that under-utilised kingdom halls can be sold”. Who decides what is under-utilised kingdom hall ? Very likely these halls will be all the ones sitting on prime land and are easy to sell .This is a lot of loaded language to prepare congregations for consolidations soon.

 Is Armageddon a Place ?

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  1. Merice
    November 12

    Hi do you have a copy of the letter I have re-posted this and been asked to inquire
    Regards Merice x

    • jwdoctri
      November 12

      not yet ,once I do I will posted on the website

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