Is Armageddon a place ?

And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon. – Revelation 16:16


In it’s most recent article about Armageddon the Watchtower ( w12 2/1 pp. 5-7) gave the following definition about this event :


This definition fails to clarify though where these armies will assemble ,after all Armageddon is defined as a “place” .So is there any indication about the location of the assembled troops ? Is Armageddon a place ? Or some vague state of affairs or a worldwide event without physical coördinates ? During the ancient kingdom of Israel, when it exercised its greatest dominion from the river Euphrates up north down to the torrent valley of Egypt to the south, there never was a place called Har–Magedon, nor has there been such a place there since. But a place used to exist called Megiddo, a city in the plain of Jezreel, to the southeast of Mount Carmel. The king of Megiddo was defeated by Joshua when Jehovah brought his people into the land of Canaan and miraculously aided them to take possession of the land. (Josh. 12:7, 21)

The citry of Megiddo

However, there was no Mountain of Megiddo, which is what the Greek word Har–Magedon means. There was no such place literally even in the days of the apostle John when he received The Revelation. Evidently, then, the “place” is symbolic, but it draws some of its meaning from the name Magedon or Megiddo, together with all its associations down till John’s day. At Megiddo Joshua battled and whipped its king. At the “waters of Megiddo” Judge Barak, accompanied by Deborah the prophetess, defeated the military forces of Sisera, King Jabin’s general. At Megiddo King Ahaziah of Judah, after being mortally wounded by Jehovah’s anointed king Jehu, died. At Megiddo Pharaoh Nechoh of Egypt battled with King Josiah and wounded him to death. (Judg. 5:19; 2 Ki. 9:27; 23:29, 30) Thus at Megiddo decisive battles were fought, and deaths of public importance were caused there. In Revelation 16:14, 16, therefore, Har–Magedon is suitably associated with a decisive battle of the future, “the war of the great day of God the Almighty,” and at this place there should then occur a great mortality affecting all the national governments of this world. The three symbolic frogs, or the three inspired utterances that come out of the mouths of the Devil, his beastly governing agency on earth and the Anglo-American world power acting as a false prophet, gather the visible rulers of this earth and their armies to Har–Magedon. Why? Well, the kings or rulers are too practical to be gathered to a mere unoccupied place or battlefield, just for the march that it would take to get there, Rulers could be induced to go with their troops to a certain place or location only because there was an object of united attack for them. The kings or rulers know whom they are attacking; it is not something imaginary or symbolic. The worldly rulers are natural men and do not discern spiritual things. So they must have some visible, tangible enemies there to attack. Whom?


The name Megiddo means “rendezvous or assembly of troops.” Har–Magedon would consequently mean “the mount of the assembly of troops.” This explains why the armies of the “kings of the entire earth” move there. They march to attack the troops that are already assembled at Mount Megiddo. Megiddo used to be in the land of Jehovah’s chosen people. So the people or troops already assembled there must be the remnant of the anointed followers of Jesus Christ, in this time of the world’s end, for they are the object of hatred by all the nations of the world and are the target of their attack. (Matt. 24:9)



This remnant of anointed are engaging  in a spiritual warfare and it would seem that are also the last vestige of opposition to Satan and his plan to take this planet and its inhabitants by force .  This is why all the nations and their rulers feel emboldened to attack them in order to destroy every last trace of God’s established kingdom representatives here on earth. Jehovah’s remnant of spiritual Israel, the remnant of anointed footstep followers of Jesus Christ, are thus identified with Har–Magedon. They are really represented by Har–Magedon, the place, or the Mount of the Assembly of Troops. The place is not what is under attack; it is the people that are there on their own territory, Jehovah’s people.


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  1. January 29

    As long as those evil troops catch those 8 bent over men in Brooklyn.They are the cause of all this war nonsense anyway.The governing body has led us to the slaughter. Let them go out and fight those wicked troops. God is behind you, so git with it and defend your people. Maybe you will need a little geritol but so what. im pulling for you while I hide here in my cave.

  2. Darian the mede
    April 29

    3 unclean inspired expressions gathering the anointed to Armageddon ( Jw organisation) =

    • jwdoctri
      April 29

      Interesting ,how do you arrive to this explanations Darian I would love to know ?

    • jwdoctri
      May 20

      most of us have at first a jw-centric view of prophesy ,hopefully you will see the bigger picture eventually .I’d love to know how you arrive to your conclusion brother !

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