I’m offering you all the kingdoms of the world

Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.-Matthew 4:8

temptation-of-christ The Bible tells us that after Jesus was baptised he went into the wilderness where he was tempted by Satan the Devil .Part of that tempting is described this way : jw_1 Think about what the Devil offered Jesus Christ.It was “all the kingdoms of the world”.Did all these worldly governments belong to the Devil: Yes for how else he could have offered them to Jesus? Jesus did not deny that they were Satan’s, which he would have done if Satan didn’t own them. That leads us then to a profound revelation masked under this offer : That Satan is the actual unseen ruler of all the nations of the world! This truth harmonizes then with other parts of the Bible where Satan is accurately described as the ruler of the world.(1 John 5:19, 2 Corinthians 4:4)

This was one of the main teachings the Watchtower used to teach some years ago as part of their free Bible study contacted with new ones with the use of the “Live Forever ” book .Back in the days the Watchtower exposed on a regular basis via the Watchtower & Awake magazine the political powers of this world as part of Satan’s organization .Due to recent developments especially after joining the United Nations as an NGO back in the 90’s and more recently using WTO centres to promote the Gospel ,things have gone quiet in that front.

The latest comments on these Scriptures from the January 2008 Watchtower w08 1/15 p. 29-p. 31 par. 5 applied bizarrely these words from Satan  on a Christian’s life on a personal level and how we ought to live our lives, removing therefore the crucial truth of Satan’s influence in this world’s political scene.That’s what they had to say: jw_2

With the Watchtower (jw.org) having lost it’s “voice” as God’s mouthpiece most Jehovah’s Witnesses are unaware of recent developments in Satan’s restructuring on his earthly organization and the importance to of this development to Bible’s words in Matthew 4:8,9 . Please go back to Matthew 4:8 and read again .Satan offered to Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world” . Satan’s words were relevant in Jesus’ days as kingdom states or empires with a monarch as the head of the state were the dominant political structures.The beginning of the 20th century ,especially after the end of the First World War, saw a large number of monarchies dismantled along with their kingdom states .Are we to assume that since the demise of most kingdoms over a hundred years ago around the world Satan has stopped controlling this world as he used to? Never!


The original Greek rendering of the verb (=transform) shows a progressive form of action which clearly shows that Satan is a busy god. He never stops disguising or masquerading  himself in his futile attempt for worldwide domination. But it would seem that for the first time in history he has achieved not only to keep his heavenly organization invisible but his earthly organization too!

A never ending transformation

For thousands of years people around the world knew who is the ruler of their country ,their monarch or king .Even as late as few decades ago people knew who controlled the lives of their nation .It was their government with the democratically elected by the people  in most cases ministers and prime minister or head of the state .Not anymore ! What we witness today is the demise of nation states with their traditional structure in a scale never witnessed before .


This is not an accident. As we approach the end of this system of things ,it would seem that Satan is leading a powerful but invisible élite to weaken and destroy its own political power structure in an attempt to give rise to a more sophisticated more powerful  invisible  political entity that has control over wider parts of human population .We can feel the invisible matrix of this power structure tightening its grip around us, a power structure that ultimately will lead to Satan’s masterpiece  ,the one world government.

The deafening silence on behalf of the “stupid prophets” of the Watchtower just shows that they have now become part of this structure .




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