How is a Christian chosen by Grace?

So too, at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace. – Romans 11:5


In the 11th chapter of Romans, Paul brings up an Old Testament story  as a way of explaining the “election of Grace” .What is this election referring to and how can one be elected by Grace ? In the days of Elijah the prophet Jehovah provided strong evidence that he is the only true God by consuming with fire the burnt offering drenched in water that Elijah had prepared .Still this demonstration of divine power failed to convince king Ahab who sought to kill Elijah .Feeling as the only one left and helpless he run away for his life .Jehovah reminded Elijah that he was not alone but there were 7,000 still standing faithful to God like him. Paul is using this Old Testament narrative to explain to fellow Christians that no matter what our perception is about God’s providence ,we are never alone. In the battle against the forces of evil ,it’s easy to get overwhelmed .We feel we’re the lone sentinel on a hill.In those moments ,we forget that the battle is God’s to fight, not ours.romans 11_5_2 Paul reminded Jews who were fellow Christians that “at the present time also, there is a remnant according to a choosing through undeserved kindness(=grace)”(Romans 11,5 ,NWT), just as God had preserved a remnant of faithful in Elijah’s day . It is quite important to understand how this remnant came to be .It was by God’s Grace not by their strengths .As Romans 11:5 clearly states it was “through undeserved kindness”(NWT) or as more accurately the NIV quotes :”chosen by grace”. To rightly understand God’s elective purposes we need to take into consideration God’s sovereignty,We do not become part of God’s remnant through our efforts .It is a gift from God. That remnant secured by God’s grace stood as a pledge to the fact that God would continue to show favor towards the nation of Israel despite their having rejected him in their majority. Paul therefore is reminding Jews as well as Gentiles , that salvation has always been a matter of grace .Israel was called into existence by the grace of God. The Church and all faithful Christians today are called into existence by the grace of God. You can not enter the grace of God by works ,works are the inevitable  outcome of you entering His Grace .The works are just the result of your election, the “election of grace.”

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