Charity Commission Takes Jehovah’s Witnesses to Tribunal in Britain


The Charity Commission, the official regulator for Charities in Britain is now investigating Jehovah’s Witnesses following child a series of child pedophilia cases across Britain.

The Charity Commission has initiated statutory inquiries into a Manchester based Jehovah’s Witness congregation that has been accused of allowing a convicted paedophile question his victims, and the religious movement’s UK headquarters.

The Commission will look into whether the charities (central, London based and local ,Manchester based) have adequate safeguarding policies, but will not look at allegations of abuse.

charity commision

The Commission announced that it had opened statutory inquiries on Tuesday afternoon,10th June 2014. In the past the Charity Commission has opened Regulatory Compliance Cases, a less serious form of investigation.It began investigating the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain in July 2013 and the Manchester New Moston Congregation in December 2013. Announcing the inquiries, the Commission said:

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The Commission said that the inquiries are separate but linked. It said: “The Commission is not a safeguarding authority and its inquiries will not investigate allegations of abuse or actual incidents of abuse, whether historic or recent.”

moston hall
Manchester Moston Kingdom Hall

Few weeks ago we run an article here about a child abuse case in Moston Manchester congregation .Manchester Evening News the local newspaper also had an article in relation to Jonathan Rose, 40, an ex-elder of the New Moston, who was jailed for nine months for abusing two women when they were young girls. The paper reported that after his release the Manchester New Moston Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses conducted a series of Judicial Committees to decide whether Rose should remain a member of the congregation,where the women that were the victims were required to recount their ordeal !

In one of those meetings Rose was present and allowed to ask them directly questions! In a statement the charities’ trustees said:


It is great to see how the Charity Commission is inviting both bodies to attend the enquiry ,the Moston congregation elders along with the London Based lawyers of the Watchtower. The Watchtower has cunningly distance themselves  from legal responsibility with internal changes and new letters for handling pedophilia cases leaving local elders exposed to liability. It would seem that the Charity Commission is regarding both parties as part of the problem ans is great to see them both invited for the investigation.

Now that the Watchtower has to face the Law in Britain for its handling of pedophilia cases maybe it is high time we inform the Charity Commission with other cases and reasons why the Watchtower should not be allowed to operate as a Charity in Britain .

Find below Contact Link for the Charity Commission Complain Page .I will be providing more contact info soon :

Charity Commission Complain Page 


Jesus’ words in Mark 7:13 sound true more than ever before :

mark 7_13




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  1. November 28

    Imo a tsunami of global litigation is coming, and none of these precursor developments and the very convenient Bethel liability as policy will ensure the wave of lawsuits will be hugely successful. On the local congregation end Bethel is stripping their resources to bare bones to ensure even local congregations will have trouble maintaining their existence in this period.

    Massive asset liquidation in the last for years of a half a billion dollars in New York state is ensuring the big assets are pulled out before the litigations ensue, and thus Bethel as a corporation is also being stripped down to bare bones to leave the corporate resource complex for litigatory actions, while transferring maybe a billion out to other channels prior to the wave.

    You cannot have all that setup be just random and accidental, Bethel is going down from within. Though that is a speculation there is evidence of elaborate design in the Bethel predicament at it will get worse.

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