The biggest sell off of Kingdom Halls in Britain



This is probably the worst news for years.It was a long time coming.With so many paedophilia court cases against them, the Governing Body and their accountants need to find money and find it fast.Although rich in property terms (over a billion dollars worth) these properties mean nothing until they are liquidated.This is the only currency courts will accept for the lost court cases.

In what looks like a business in panic mode, the Watchtower send a letter to all congregations in Britain that were read yesterday  6th November 2014 during the Thursday meeting announcements telling and not asking the “rank and file” of Britain what to expect in the coming months. These are some of the main points of the letter :

  1. All cash reserved from congregations for the purchase of land, renovations and building of Kingdom halls will be sent to Bethel.
  2. The new building committee established earlier this year will be responsible for the building of new Kingdom Halls from now on.
  3. Congregations will be consolidated and up to 4 congregations will have to use one Kingdom Hall (the letter actually says “since there is only one meeting during the week up to 4 congregations can use 1 Kingdom Hall”.)
  4. Old underused or with low attendance Kingdom Halls will be sold and the funds will be used for the building of new Kingdom Halls.

For a long time, brothers and sisters across Britain were encouraged and at times pressurised with continuous reminders to donate towards their Kingdom Hall’s refurbishment fund.Over the years these funds have accumulated in most cases donations in the tens of thousands of pounds.These funds came from low-income Jehovah’s Witnesses in the hope that their Hall will look better one day. Now all is gone!

Under the new arrangement, these funds are being transferred to the worldwide Fund of the Watchtower leaving the Kingdom Halls coffers empty and the local congregation broke.

Unlike many other countries, many Kingdom Halls in Britain were purchased many years ago.In some cases over 50 years ago and sit on prime land, especially the ones in the south England and in city centres.These buildings were not shared by multiple congregations as is the case in other countries but they were purchased from the local congregation with their own money.Over the years property values have soared in Britain and the value of these buildings has increased tenfold.

This is really a smash and grabs robbery.Not only they rob all the congregation funds but they will sell all prime land and buildings to the highest bidder.Buildings they didn’t build and money they didn’t donate!



Whether you are an active or an ex Jehovah’s Witness and live in Britain you can do something about it.Don’t let these thieves get away with murder.

Each congregation in Britain is operating as a stand-alone charity.For example, if your congregation is called South Bank Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses they are registered with the Charities Commission as South Bank Congregation of JW Charity and not as Jehovah’s Witnesses of Britain.This charity’s trustees are the local elders and they are solely responsible for the good management of any funds received.

Any mismanagement of funds of that charity can be reported from anyone even anonymously to the Charities Commission.Although I don’t wish harm for any elder as they too are being bullied to sign off all their Kingdom Hall assets away at the end they have a responsibility towards their charity and its good management.

Your congregation, your elders and most importantly the Charities Commission in Britain needs to be informed for this daylight robbery. Whether the Watchtower is using a legal loophole to syphon all these assets or not it is irrelevant.The fact is this kind of reckless behaviour doesn’t reflect any of the goals that they set out to achieve these small independent local charities under the name of each individual congregation.

If you would like to take part in the campaign against this robbery, a flyer for distribution will be available shortly here for download.Come back soon but at the same time please like and share this article.


Open Charities Find any registered charity in Britain.Your congregation will be registered as [name ] congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.The page will give you all the name of the trustees.Use them to write a letter to the address provided.

Complain about a charity Charities Commission in Britain, complain page.You can call them or email them anonymously

Flyer soon to be available here for download…

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jwdoctri Written by:


  1. November 8

    Last second liquidations imo prior to global litigation aided corporate raid. The end of Bethel, not the world, in other words.

  2. December 9

    The sell off of Kingdom Halls is to pay for child abuse many by Elders in the U.K.

    • jwdoctri
      December 9

      That was written over 2 years ago .Things have really taken for the worst now. I remember people at that people used to think I was crazy

    • December 13

      They are doing it to get out a few billion before the WTBTS designed takeover events

  3. December 13

    WTBTS is worth 50 BILLION dollars, this is a sale for other purposes.

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