Two men burst into a Kingdom Hall in Kent with AAWA flyers

I have been informed from AAWA members and John Cedars himself that these men have nothing to do with AAWA and use the flyers at their discretion.Of course that begs the question :Can people use the flyers they download off AAWA’s website for activism or do they need previous permission?

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    November 15

    This man sounds like Harry Enfields pub character….” Oy, you lot….Nooooo”

    I am d/f’d but this is stupid. Let them get on with it. Like the scriptures say ” If this is from Man, it will fail…however if it is from God, you may actually be fighting against God” I think you need to read a good book, have a decent bowel movement every day, and cut out salt.

    God does not need any of us to fight His battles. The problem is self perpetuating the whole world over because ALL of us think we are doing HIS work, and HIM a favour!!

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